So ya wanna keep these forever Edit

We might have just the thing you need, just step over V Here V

ScreenCapping Edit

This is the most popular way to save threads.

Pros Edit

EASY! Anyone can do it.

There's a lot of websites that host images

Anyone can open them


The images posted with the evolution can be captured in-image

Cons Edit

Larger file size (Mainly a non-issue)

No functionality (No links, clicking post numbers, etc.)


How To? Edit

It's easy!

Most computers, you can hit prntscreen on your keyboard or ctrl/alt+prntscreen, and the images are saved to your clipboard. From there, everything is just a simple matter of pasting to your favorite paint program, cropping it, and then uploading it to

the wiki

a chan

your ilicit pictures folder

Html/Htm Saving Edit