The shores are a paradise for life, having many miles of water and area to grow, with easy access to the sun. In addition, the temperature is a lukewarm tempature, hardly damaging to any creature.
There are three creatures who have their hold in the shores.
The Sprun
This creature is a colony of smaller, identical cells. each cell is oblate with two tentacles on each end. This allows them to manipulate water and the nutrients floating through it. It pumps the water along it's body, distributing the nourishment equally along the cells. The cells grow and split individually, and decay into their basic parts as they die. They eat everything they can break down.
The Ayalt
The Ayalt is simple- it clings to the sand, other living objects, or the surface tension of the water. It uses photosynthesis to process nutrients from the water into proteins, and a substance similar to fat or sugar witch is energy rich. It produces oxygen from breaking down carbon dioxide.
The Clend
The clend is a mobile, small creature that lives in and plucks from Sprun. It reproduces "traumatically", hunting down another clend, tearing it open and placing small, virus like objects which uses the partially live body to produce many tiny clend. A clend has no gender, and the ripper passes on more genetic code then the rippee, because they tend to live longer, which drives up competition- rip or be ripped. They have no competitors but themselves as of yet, so they have little defense but an offense.

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Events Edit

The Water-Locking-Upping Downer Edit

Ever since Mt. Penisivus erupted, and the smoke brought itself across the south and north pole, the already chilly water has been cooling down even more.
At first glaciers started appearing, making their way around the coldest parts of the ocean.
Soon, small ice caps began to form.
The ice caps rose out of the water many many meters, and dipped into the water just as much.
The planet's water levels began to fall.
Soon, the beds of sand that were so great for diversity were sitting just barely below the water.
Much of the past habitat of the Clend, Sprun, Ayalt is now sitting above water- a place that hasn't been dared to be reached ever before by these humble creatures.
Room is running out in the shallows. The creatures must adapt.