Welcome to the great desert. In front of you is an open landscape shaped with occasional hills and mountains. The heat here is oppressive and the land is cracked, dry, and dead. For a few months out of the year, the desert springs to life with these creatures:
Dico - A strange and fragile plant. During the dry months it shrivels and rolls across the landscape. When the rain comes the Dico hydrates and races to go to spore. Spores that land in pools form new young Dicos and the cycle begins anew.
Nish - Shelled invertebrates. Their dried eggs come to life in the vernal pools. They eat anything organic voraciously (including other Nish). When they can, they mate and their eggs dry as the wet season ends.
Iby - A weak mollusk. Its clear body is its main defense. It spends the wet months cooling and feeding in the waters. When the dry months come the Iby dig into the mud and cover themselves with mucus. They rely on their fat reserves until the next wet season brings fresh Dico


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Event Time!
From the sky descends a powerful being. You do not possess the mouth-parts to pronounce its name, but it goes by Snub-Nubborath.
The spirit looks down onto the once barren rock and sees life. It proposes a challenge. It splits the land like a knife though cake. The world trembles as the desert rips apart. The Chasm is deep. During the rainy season it fills with water and the vernal pools become fewer and fewer. Surprisingly during the dry season it never fully empties. Most of the creatures in the land are attracted to this new wonder, but it puts prey and predator very close.
The being waits for a few years, then returns to the stars.