come to the mountain! Though not as dry as the desert, the mountain inhabitants still struggle finding water. Winter comes fast at this altitude and is very unforgiving. Here are the creatures available:

Alo - A simple mammal. It is herbivorous and its soft fur is designed to camouflage with snow. During harsh storms packs of Alo snuggle together to reserve warmth. Alos are very social creatures.

Dree - Tiny bird. Dree eat mostly fruit, nuts, and seeds from nearby vegetation. They nest high in trees and occasionally scavenge carcasses that have been bested by the cold.

Enti - A balloon-like creature. The enti possess no intellect or sensory organs. They create a gas inside a specialized bladder that allows them to float into the air. They can slowly release this gas to drop back down. They land on trees and suck the sap from them, often killing part of the tree as a result.


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